Mobile Application

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Access Total tDCS Anywhere

The application is currently in Beta testing, but is constantly being added to and upgraded. The app will be available for both Apple and Android and will be offered free of charge.

Total tDCS’s mobile app aims to provide a wealth of information on tDCS, including the following sections:

  • A Beginners Introduction to tDCS
  •  The most extensive Montage (Electrode Placement) Guide currently available, including:
    • Anode & Cathode positioning for each Montage.
    • Description of commonly experienced effects.
    • Description of scientific results observed
    • Links to Scientific Studies which have researched the Montage’s effects.

    An all inclusive mobile application for those interested in tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation).

    Take a sneak speak at the Beta version of our app embedded below!