Quality Standards for tDCS Devices

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Many individuals may be unaware of the fact that the consumer tDCS device industry is relatively new, with the first “commercial” tDCS device hitting the market only 2-3 years ago in mid-2013. Over the past few years, interest in tDCS has exploded, and subsequently the market has been flooded with new companies producing tDCS devices.

As of this writing, there has not been an official set of standards put in place defining the minimum standards of quality and operation for consumer marketed tDCS devices. We at Total tDCS think that it’s time for the conversation to be started on what qualifies as a tDCS device, and what minimum standards a tDCS device should be held to. Please note that this is by no means an “official guideline” for tDCS devices, but we do hope that this article will cause a reaction in the industry, and that others will join us in attempting to define minimum standards for publicly available devices.

We welcome input from all sources, and even hope to hear from some of the more established tDCS device companies, as we begin to build this list of minimum quality and operational device standards.