Recommended tDCS Devices

Looking to buy a tDCS Device, but aren’t sure what to buy?

Below is our short list of the most reputable, safe, and well-built tDCS Devices. Every company has been thoroughly researched and vetted for their legitimacy, professionalism, product quality, and customer service.

This list of recommended tDCS devices is not complete by any means and only includes those companies which have been on the market the longest, and have the highest reputation. Furthermore, every tDCS device listed below has been hand tested by our staff.


The Brain Stimulator v3.0

TransCranial Technologies

Halo Sport  (fixed montage positioning)  (some community concern)

Super Specific Devices  

The Brain Stimulator Travel Model v2.0  temporarily sold out?

Apex Type A  no longer recommended

The Cognitive Kit  discontinued


We’ve recently discovered several high-risk tDCS Devices listed on eBay by a seller named auto-info-autoThis particular seller has around a dozen hand-made “tDCS devices” listed between $20 and $55. These products are very poorly designed, lacking even the most basic safety & functionality circuitry. Several are stated to produce up to 3mA, far exceeding the 2mA maximum safe current level for personal tDCS devices. In addition, these devices are sold with self-adhesive electrodes which are not recommended for tDCS use.

Overall, we believe these tDCS devices pose significant health & safety concerns and should be avoided at all costs. We are currently attempting to communicate with this seller to have these listings removed.