Buy A tDCS Device

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Looking to buy a tDCS Device, but aren’t sure where to find one?

GUESS WHAT! Very soon we will be completing tearing down this this page! Why you ask? Because we’re currently building (seriously, right now,  at 2am on April 25th) a more comprehensive page including details about all the tDCS devices we have investigated and tested, to provide you with not only a list of the devices we recommend, but also to give you the data behind our decisions so that you can educate yourself and make your own decision .

For the time being, below you will find our original recommendation list which we still stand behind.

Below is a list of the most reputable companies currently producing well-built safe tDCS Devices. Every company has been thoroughly researched and vetted for their legitimacy, professionalism, quality of products, and customer service. This list is not complete by any means and only includes those companies which have been on the market the longest, and have the highest reputation. Furthermore, every tDCS device listed below has been hand tested by our staff.

The Brain Stimulator v3.0

TransCranial Technologies

The Brain Stimulator Travel Model v2.0
Super Specific Devices (12v)

ApeX Type A

Super Specific Devices (12-24v)

The Cognitive Kit