What is Total tDCS?

Total tDCS started out as a community driven project to compile the very best information on tDCS and present it to the reader in a simple, one-stop destination.

At this current point in time, we’ve been focusing all available resources on creating the best tDCS Montage/ Electrode Positioning Guide available on the internet!

Many websites which provide tDCS electrode placement information are either located on tDCS device manufacturers websites, or are copies of one another with bits of information changed here and there. Through this website we hope to create an unbiased collection of the most popular tDCS montages, backed by quality, trustworthy scientific evidence. This website is constantly undergoing changes, so check back often to see what’s new!

If you have a suggestion on what you would like to see from Total tDCS, or have a Montage/Electrode Placement you would like to see included in our guide, please send us an email at [email protected]

Neurons activated by tDCSCurrent Project – A Compilation of all tDCS Montages with placement information, reported effects, alternative uses, and links to scientific studies.



Coming Soon…

Constantly updating with the newest and most relevant:

  • News Articles – Stay up to date
  • Scientific Publications – Latest discoveries and findings
  • Usage and Statistics – Learn the facts about tDCS!
  • Montages – Various Electrode Placements and their potential benefits
  • tDCS Results – Actual user experineces