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Electrode Placement Help

Having trouble placing your electrodes in the correct positions? Sometimes trying to replicate a picture of a montage online on yourself can be fairly difficult. To make things easier we’ve taken the most common placements on this site and broken down their physical positioning into laymen’s terms.

FP1 – Front left temple. Above the eyebrow but below the hairline.

FP2 – Front right temple. Above the eyebrow but below the hairline.

F3 – Left upper temple. The easiest way to locate this placement is to find the spot halfway between your ear and center of your forehead, usually your temple, and move up about an inch higher on your head.

F4 – Right upper temple (opposite F3). See above instructions for F3 for more details.

T3 – Left side of the head directly above the ear. It’s important not to go too far up on the head, so if you need to tuck the electrodes behind the top of your ears that’s ok.

T4 – Right side of the head directly above the ear (opposite from T3). See T3 instructions above for more details.

What is a tDCS Montage?

A tDCS Montage is the specific placement of the positive Anode and the negative Cathode electrodes on the head during a tDCS session. Only one montage should be used per session, and sessions usually last for about 20-40 minutes at a time. Usually it is recommended that users don’t exceed one session per day. Different Montages (electrode placements) have been shown to produce different results. For example, placing the Anode near the right temple and the Cathode near the left temple can accelerate learning speeds!

Checkout our tDCS Montage guide to learn more.