What is Total tDCS?

Total tDCS is as a community driven project

Neurons activated by tDCSOur mission at Total tDCS has always been to decipher the overwhelming amount of published scientific research on tDCS and transform it into something the public can easily access and benefit from. It’s still quite obvious that there is a large gap that needs to be bridged between the scientific community and those individuals who want to try tDCS. Montages and protocols need some sort of classification/standardization in order to connect tDCS electrode placements with the results they produce. This is what we’re working to do.

By using Total tDCS you help us in our quest.

Many websites which provide tDCS electrode placement information are either located on tDCS device manufacturers websites, contain inaccurate information, or are outdated copies of one another with bits of information changed here and there. Through this website we hope to create an unbiased collection of the most popular tDCS montages, backed by quality, trustworthy, scientific evidence. This website is constantly undergoing changes, so check back often to see what’s new.

If you have a suggestion for a specific tDCS montage (electrode placement) you would like to see included in our guide, please send us an email at TotaltDCS@gmail.com.

Current Projects:

  1. A comprehensive database of tDCS montages with placement information, effects/benefits, and links to relevant scientific research.
  2. A more extensive tDCS device recommendations page.
  3. Constantly updating pages providing the latest:
    • News Articles – Stay up to date
    • Scientific Publications – Latest discoveries and findings
    • Community discussions
  4. User submitted information regarding their experiences with specific montage placements.
    • A system to receive submissions and organize user submissions into databases for quantification.
    • Front end publishing of structured user submissions organized by correlating montage.