tDCS Montage Placement - Anode FP1 Cathode FP2

Memorization and Learning

NOTE – Evidence Lacking
Supported by personal experience & user testimonials

tDCS Montage Placement - Anode FP1 Cathode FP2

Anode: Left Forehead (FP1)

Cathode: Right Forehead (FP2)

Expected Results: An Improvement in Memorization and Learning


We don’t currently have much “on paper” information on this montage. However, this placement was very popular among the DIY tDCS community around 2013-2015. We are including it here because we have heard (and experienced) enough convincing testimonial to believe in its efficacy. If you decide to try this placement please understand the evidence is anecdotal at this point.


Evidence: Anecdotal 

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