tDCS Placement for Addiction Risk Taking Treatment



tDCS Electrode Placement - Reduced Risk Taking - F3-F4 FRONT

Anode: Right DLPFC (F4)
Cathode: Left DLPFC (F3)

Study Results

Tinnitus is a chronic illness that can be incredibly debilitating and life altering. Luckily, research has found tDCS presents promising potential in alleviating a variety of Tinnitus symptoms.

Most studies focus on using tDCS therapy for 20-30 minutes several times per week. Currently no long-term stimulation studies have been published, therefore the extended effects of tDCS on Tinnitus is still unknown.

In the meta analysis paper, “A comprehensive database of published tDCS clinical trials (2005-2016)” they identify 10 studies on Tinnitus using Bilateral tDCS of DLPFC (right anode and left cathode… shown in the montage above). Of the 10 studies using this montage, 8 reported positive results and 2 reported no change. This provides a strong scientific backing regarding tDCS’s use in helping attenuate Tinnitus symptoms.


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