tDCS Placement for Addiction Risk Taking Treatment



tDCS Electrode Placement - Reduced Risk Taking - F3-F4 FRONT

Anode: Right DLPFC (F4)
Cathode: Left DLPFC (F3)

Study Results

Tinnitus is a chronic illness that can be incredibly debilitating. Research in the field of neurostimulation therapy has presented promising results.

Multiple studies have reported positive results using tDCS therapy for 20-30 minutes several times per week. Currently no long-term stimulation studies have been published, therefore the extended use of tDCS on Tinnitus is unknown.

In the meta analysis paper, “A comprehensive database of published tDCS clinical trials (2005-2016)” they identify 10 studies on Tinnitus using Bilateral tDCS of DLPFC (right anode and left cathode), shown in the montage above. Of the 10 studies using this montage, 8 reported positive results (the other 2 found no change). This provides a strong scientific backing regarding tDCS’s use in helping attenuate Tinnitus symptoms.

If you’ve tried using tDCS for Tinnitus, we’d love to hear about it! Share your experience.

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